Inspired Brochure – Apollo

The starting of a new era at Apollo also presented them with an opportunity to reposition themselves as well as their brand within the lighting market. Having been perceived as a mid-range company, Apollo wanted to take their products and services to the next level and challenge the premium sector. What they needed was a new look and feel to match their new company philosophy.

The new look and feel for Apollo’s literature all stem from the concept of the Greek god of the same name who was the god of the sun and light – ultimately the stars. The concept was expanded from this point and a constellation styled motif was developed. The intention of this was to give the design a hint of mystery and intrigue, to keep the overall style looking modern the motif was kept simple and clean while the iconology would help add depth to the overall design.

The first piece produced with the new look and feel was the beautifully foiled Inspired Brochure, an inspiration for all. You’ll be amazed at how the small details help elevate a design.

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